Case Study: Carlisle SynTec


Carlisle SynTec, an insulation manufacturer, has been shipping with Convoy since 2015. Jeremy Fixler, shipping supervisor, credits the ongoing partnership to the data and innovation that Convoy brings to the table.  Fixler is responsible for scheduling the company’s full truck load (FTL) shipments and getting drivers in and out as efficiently as possible.


“Yeah you’re a freight company, but at the end of the day Convoy is a data company,” Fixler says.

“You’re able to figure out ways to make things more efficient.”  


Efficiency comes from the insights delivered through Convoy’s transportation data, which is made possible by the relationship built between the two companies. “If I don’t have good data and am not using the data to help me out, I’m costing the company money that I didn’t otherwise need to spend on freight,” he shares. “You’ve got to have a relationship, or be willing to build a relationship, for the technology to work. That’s what Convoy offered from the beginning.”


Building Relationships with Carriers

Through Convoy, Carlisle SynTec has built better relationships with its customers and the carriers that deliver its goods. Fixler says that shippers have to do their part to attract quality carriers, especially since the carriers represent the shipping company when they deliver to customers. Because of that, it’s important to trust who they work with, something that Fixler says Convoy has consistently provided.

The same drivers come in continuously through Convoy, which has made it possible to establish a relationship with them. "It's almost like we're dealing with the broker as an asset-based carrier because we see the same people over and over," he says. "We like that."

And a majority of the time he doesn't hear from customers about their shipments, something that he considers a positive aspect of business, "the epitome of no news is good news," he says. This has allowed him to focus on more important business matters, which in turn has made his day-to-day operations more efficient.

A True Partnership

Convoy has built trust with Carlisle SynTec over the last three years that’s laid the foundation for an ongoing partnership.

Fixler says that Convoy has given him a leg up on the competition because he can post loads through the online platform and not have to worry about them being covered and delivered on time. He also knows he’s covered if something comes up unexpectedly.

“I can call my Convoy account manager and say ‘hey can you do this?’ and more often than not they say ‘yeah we’ll get it done,’" he says. “Whereas other people are scrambling, we can get it done and I don’t have to worry about it.”

Additionally, he says that when he requests a rate from Convoy, he knows it’s a market rate based on conditions today, whereas brokers quote the same price from six months or even a year ago.

“With Convoy... you guys are more honest with that kind of stuff than any other broker I work with,” he says. “I’m not always looking for the cheapest carrier, at the end of the day I’d rather have good service.”

A true partnership is built on open and honest feedback, something Fixler values in his relationship with Convoy.

“I’ve never had a broker or an asset carrier come to me and say ‘what would you do to change this?’ or ‘how can we go about making your day easier to deal with?’” he says. 

“You guys are constantly trying to find ways to make things better for us. The companies that can aggregate that data and put it in a useable form are going to be miles ahead of the competition.” 


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